1934, December:    The Wade Estates paid their workers a Christmas bonus of 8d per ton of cane cut.  Other estates paid only 3d per ton cut.  Some estates refused to pay any bonus to their workers. 1935, January:        There were cane fires on several sugar estates near Basseterre. 1935, 20 Jan:         Estate workers from all over the island attended a Universal Benevolent Association meeting called by its Secretary,  Joseph Nathan.  He advised them that since there would be no..read more

Eyewitness:     Cyril Halbert Date:               28 th January 2005 Place:              National Archives   Cyril Halbert was about twelve years old in January 1935.  He was a student at the Grammar school which at the time was run by Mr. Williams, an English man.  The teachers were Branch, Wooding and Matheson.  There were about forty boys at the school. ..read more

  In 1916, in the middle of the First World War and in the face of low wages and attempts to limit emigration to Cuba and the Dominican Republic , Joseph Nathan organized a petition requesting uniform wages for agricultural workers and government regulation in setting the size of tasks and hours of work.  However the Administration felt that it had no right to interfere in relations between a planter and his labourers.  In November of that same year, undaunted by this response and perhaps even motivated by it, Nathan and others annou..read more

The Berkeley Memorial in the form of a clock and drinking fountain stands in what is known as the ‘Circus’. Tourists and locals gravitate towards it for different reasons.  Tourists like to take photographs of it; locals like to ‘lime’ on its base on Fridays. In particular young people can often be seen sitting and chatting there in the early evenings.  During the day many taxi drivers who wait for fares sit on its base to discuss political matters and solve international problems!   The memorial which was built in Glasgow has seen..read more

  On the 30 th March 1859 the House of Assembly addressed Governor Robinson who was temporarily relinquishing his post as Governor-in-Chief of the Leewards and showed its appreciation for the numerous public works that   have been executed, such as the supply of water from the mountains to the Town of Basseterre; and in connection therewith, the adornment of the Square with a handsome fountain and Garden; the Pier, The Treasury Building and Light House and the new Church of St. George’s ”    F...read more

An earthquake of magnitude 6.5 on the Richter scale occurred at about 5:55 a.m. on October 8 th 1974, and did considerable damage to the St George’s Parish Church.   The epicentre of this quake was some 40 miles east of Antigua, and 60 miles below the surface of the earth.   The nave of the church consists of two rows of stone columns on either side. The first of these columns was separated from the east dome of the church which houses the High Altar.   These cracks ran from the top of the arches up to the top of the main sto..read more

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